Nutrition to increase potency in men - useful and harmful products

Eating a person meat to increase potency

Potency reduction is a problem not only for men but also for women. Faced with it, many resort to medication, which is not always justified, as drugs can adversely affect other body functions. This article discusses an absolutely safe way to solve this intimate problem - nutrition to increase potency in men.

Why is there a problem?

Potency is the ability of the male body to have sex. The reasons for the decrease in potency can be many factors. Let's look at the basics.

  1. Psychological causes. These reasons include:
    • strict upbringing, when as a child the boy was taught that sex was a dirty, unpleasant business, that "this" could only be done in marriage to conceive children;
    • religious beliefs can also reject the joy of sex, therefore the potency of a person who sincerely believes in such postulates decreases;
    • severe fatigue, lack of sleep;
    • family conflicts, job failures and other stressful situations.
  2. Diseases.Diseases of the cardiovascular system, thyroid gland can significantly reduce a man's potency. A temporary reduction is possible even in conditions that are not so dangerous for the body, such as colds, bad teeth, etc.
  3. Medication. A side effect of a number of drugs is a decrease in libido (sexual desire) and, therefore, potency.
  4. Bad habits. Namely - alcohol, nicotine, drugs.
  5. Male Age. Reducing potency in old age is normal, but not necessary, as a healthy man can have sex throughout his life.
  6. Food.Remember that eating certain foods can increase or decrease potency in men.
Men who want to achieve increased potency

How to increase potency?

The answer to this question is obvious - remove the cause of the problem. Sometimes the cause is not as obvious as in the above cases, then you should seek help from a specialist - urologist, andrologist or sexologist. They will help you understand a specific situation and find ways to resolve it.

Seeking professional help is always helpful, but not all men can talk about personal things. Those who do not dare to visit a doctor, and those who, after eliminating the causes of the problem, strive for the fastest recovery of intimate life, should follow a diet to increase potency. Adjusting your diet is much easier and healthier than taking medications that are only needed in serious cases.

It's important to remember that some people have food allergies, so avoid eating foods that cause an allergic reaction.

What foods increase potency?

So,Meat - a product of male potencylet's talk in more detail about foods that increase potency in men:

  1. Meat.The basis of the male principle is testosterone. This hormone is produced more actively when you eat enough animal fat. This means that meat is a food product that increases potency in men. The most useful in this case are poultry, lean beef and small cattle. It is advisable to choose meat from male animals. By the way, the camel's stomach is considered the most effective for potency - this product has such a powerful effect that only 3 grams should be eaten before sexual intercourse. (this is a pea by volume).

  2. Men's seminal glandsare traditional means of increasing male strength.
  3. Fish, seafood. Speaking about the beneficial effect of nutrition on potency, we must also remember about seafood: the use of shrimp, mussels, crustaceans helps to improve erectile function due to the high content of zinc and selenium in these products.

    The introduction of fish in the diet generally has a beneficial effect on human health, but flounder and mackerel are best suited for solving sexual problems in men. Chicken and quail eggs promote the production of sex hormonesFlounder is a fish, considered in love-erotic cooking, capable of causing love. With frequent use, mackerel can not only increase potency, but also promote conception. However, it should be noted that only boiled fish has such an effect.

  4. Chicken and quail eggs. It contains choline and inositol, which promote the production of sex hormones and maintain the integrity of cell membranes.
  5. Dairy products: cheese, cottage cheese, cream and butter are also included in the group of products that increase male potency. Butyric acid - butyrate, has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and protects against cancer.
  6. Chocolate. This product, loved by many, not only improves mood, fights stress, but also provides a good erection.
  7. Other productsthat improve potency - rye bread, pumpkin seeds. As well as mushrooms, oils (olives, peanuts, flaxseed), fish oil.
Nuts to increase potency

Proper nutrition to increase potency: herbal products

  1. The leaders in this group of products are nuts: walnuts, pistachios, peanuts. To achieve the result, it is enough to eat 100 grams a day. nuts.
  2. Greens are very useful. The undisputed leaders here are parsley and celery, the use of which contributes to increased testosterone production. This result is achieved due to the high content of zinc and B vitamins in them. Do not give up coriander and spinach. They also contain many vitamins and minerals, high in plant analogues of male hormones.
  3. Citrus fruits. Oranges and lemons have long been known for their properties - they can improve potency and increase libido. It is worth noting that all yellow and orange fruits have this property to one degree or another. This is due to the fact that they contain a large amount of lutein, which activates the production of testosterone, as well as growth hormone.
  4. Pomegranates are also included in the group of foods for potency. They contribute to its improvement; pomegranate juice has a particularly powerful effect on the male reproductive system. In addition, these fruits have oncoprotective properties, ie the use of pomegranates in the diet also protects against prostate cancer. It is recommended to drink a glass of pomegranate juice every day.

  5. Figs will help increase potency, will have a beneficial effect on other organs - heart, kidneys, liver.
  6. Nutrition of men for potency can not do without onions and garlic. All types of onions restore hormonal balance and increase sexual activity. For this reason, onions were banned in monasteries. And the combination of onions and eggs multiplies the properties of both products useful for male potency. Scrambled eggs and onions are a great dish that can work wonders. You can also add parsley here to maximize the usefulness of the dish for men. By the way, garlic is one of the aphrodisiacs available to everyone.
Beekeeping products
Bee products

The main bee product is honey. This product is unique in its composition and set of positive effects. If you are not allergic to bee products, then eating honey will help solve many health problems.

Has a strengthening and regenerating effect on male potency. The most effective is honey collected from jasmine or orchid flowers. The effects of this product are enhanced when combined with other foods listed here, such as nuts.

A diet that negatively affects male strength

The effect of nutrition on potency can be negative. Think about what is not worth eating for men who have problems in their intimate life.

  1. Beer. It is clear that beer is the enemy of potency. This is due to the fact that this drink promotes the production of estrogen - the female sex hormone and it does not contribute to either potency or the male type.
  2. The rest of the alcoholic beverages are controversial. Naturally, large doses of alcohol are harmful. However, small doses stimulate sexual desire, but not for long - soon the desire weakens, a feeling of fatigue appears. Such a picture also does not help to improve potency. Therefore, alcohol should be included in the list of prohibited beverages.
  3. Legumes, especially soybeans. There are many phytoestrogens here. It should be remembered that the addition of soy to a wide range of foods, especially sausages, limits the use of these products by men who want to improve their sex lives.
Hot dog - food harmful to potency

The following foods should be avoided in the diet:

  • carbonated beverages;
  • smoked meats;
  • white bread;
  • mayonnaise;
  • ketchup;
  • flour products;
  • mint.
Additional information

A healthy diet and a diet that increases potency have a lot in common in the approach to food preparation, daily intake, etc. So both directions in the diet do not recommend the use of fried. Cooking methods must be chosen so that the loss of valuable substances is minimal. Cooked and stewed products are the most useful, baked goods are less useful.

Moderation is important in any case. Do not eat dozens of eggs washed with milk and honey, or three kilograms of celery a day. The result will be undesirable - disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Feeding should be partial, 5-6 times a day. This improves the absorption of food, maximizes the benefits of its use. In this case, there is no overload of the organs of the digestive system, as in overeating, which has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Healthy sleep - prevention of sexual weakness

Preventing Sexual Weakness

To consolidate the recovery result and maintain potency will help:

  • active lifestyle - movement maintains health and potency;
  • calm - it will not always be possible to avoid stress, so it makes sense to reconsider your attitude towards them and start living in peace;
  • giving up bad habits - alcohol, nicotine and drugs - will save not only potency, but probably also the life of the man;
  • rest and healthy sleep.

Adhering to the principles outlined in this article, one will gradually regain strength. The same principles will help you have an active sex life for many years.