How to increase power home

Faced with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction many men to raise the wonder of member, and for repair male power. Learn some effective ways on how to develop power at home.

Effects on sexual function

Can cause erectile dysfunction reasons for are as follows:

  • Excess weight and obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Injury-related dysfunction, spinal cord
  • Pelvic Injury
  • Harmful habits: smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism
  • A man and a woman
  • The situation of depression, stress or excitement
  • Advancing age and associated physiological changes
  • Chronic fatigue and tiredness
  • Insufficient recovery sleep

A negative effect on erection, often than one of the listed factors. Therefore, to solve the problem, first, in a comprehensive manner.

How to increase sexual power,

How to improve power now at home, taking advantage of simple methods. A few of them:

  1. Erection to enhance your workout
  2. The power to Ankara
  3. Special medicine with the potential to a rapid increase etc ..
  4. Turkish folk remedies for potency

Consider each one in detail.

Exercise for erection

Raising potency between exercises squats, mahi rises and feet, pelvic rotation, and increased blood circulation towards the perineum. The Sports Complex is open daily the following exercises:

  1. Squats. Traditional squats standing feet shoulder width. In front of you on a belt or in hand to save his balance. The wider the distance between your feet and squat below, the higher the load the muscles of the perineum.
  2. A beautiful abdominal muscles. Exercises, workouts, abdominal muscles, increase endurance, including the bed. Best upgrades that will help in this regard, foot and body position from lying.
  3. Standing, alternately to upgrade, your knees are as close as possible. Must be equal Tempo, amplitude movements deep. Follow breathable, keeping your hands in front, a belt in the back of your head.
  4. "Bicycle" — while lying in this position do to the air movement, such rotation of the pedal.
  5. In supine position, raise the pelvis as high as possible and slowly, slowly along the body, the hands do not dunk. Not to follow the spin is out of place.
  6. Help excellent working and running in place even a simple "overclocking" blood, strengthening blood circulation to speed up metabolism by strengthening your cardiovascular system and all major body systems.
  7. Any comfortable, in a relaxed position to relax the muscles of the perineum and the rotating strain. It's a stressful situation for the delay, for the first few seconds, over time, to some extent fitness data Nov — 10-15 seconds. Nov no strain thighs and buttocks. It was an effort not to breath calm.

The last exercise is particularly useful for the rise of power – enters comprehensive Gymnastics Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles specifically designed for, improve, control studies, bladder and erectile function both gain. A few species of "warming up" every sexual relationship prior to making recommendation to the cement.

Erotic massage

A weak erection can penis massage: penis hand barrel index finger and thumb tightly embrace the bottom of the letters they founded similarity must be "About". Then exercise unhurried, gentle kneading, such as motion-curable and genitals resemble "milking". This technique is named "jelqing" Numero there (male participant in the community of penis enlargement practitioners).

For more information about "jelqing" penis with special massage techniques, and other sites to read the book you can easily find the network specified in the request.

Ankara has also healing powers and was sent to the testis produces the male hormone testosterone. With this in mind, this is especially sensitive body part. Therefore, such a Miss will give you a massage, you should produced to ensure soft, gentle movements. Useful daily testicle massage and is in the process of sexual intercourse.

How to quickly increase the power

Increasing potency and unnecessary rapid movements without thinking, especially about foreplay and other "pieces" that will help you uptake inhibitors specific drugs from the group of enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5).

Very good men pills the working principle is the same – improved hyperemia, arteries, and the penis and the corpora cavernosa, therefore growing erection.

The difference get in the way and time of drug action. Drug acceptance, etc .. about an hour before sexual intercourse, another begins, action half an hour ago. Also, an effect, a pill, a drug, etc., none of any effect on food intake, any other use is not recommended with food, particularly fat – can weaken the push for action tools and Ayse is the beginning of a good time.

She wanted to know if potency increase at night, then it's hard to find a better solution – not the preparations that will make it fast and reliable. During sexual arousal the pill just act. Check the manual before taking, there are some side effects and contraindications.

Sour, the cost of the drugs listed.

How to increase power, folk remedies

Traditionally in all Soviet countries, plus increase the recovery of male power and useful for a variety of female.

Male power for regional recipes

  1. Grated dried apricots, walnuts and honey mix equal amounts of. Take 1 tablespoon several times a day. Store it in a cool place.
  2. Grate fresh carrots and garlic, mix with sour cream, acceptance to strengthen forces.
  3. Turnips, sourced milk, the therapeutic effect was attributed to long to increase power.
  4. Omelettes, baked with sautéed fresh tomatoes, parsley and serve.
  5. Saute onion, Turkey or chicken fillet with fresh mushrooms put out. Serve with sour cream.

This recipe is good, but this is usually, the food, the traditions extending centuries. This way of eating, you get double money of aesthetic pleasure, it's a delicious and healthy meal.

Largely due to a good impact strength used in food food. A negative effect on her ability as everyone knows, smoked, salted, oil, and canned foods as well as carbonated drinks. But the "right" food different and useful. Real aphrodisiac to help increase strength.

The power has a positive effect on erectile function, regular use of the following products:

  • seafood
  • oyster
  • nuts, especially pistachios and walnuts
  • peanut
  • eggs
  • parsley
  • celery
  • pumpkin seeds

For tincture potency

Upon doctor's advice, to get an erection can develop in the absence of contraindications, the following infusion:

  • ginseng
  • rhodiola rosea
  • Clover
  • Chinese Magnolia Vine
  • St John's wort
  • nettle
  • Yarrow

All this for the purchase of a normal drugstore. Also 20 drops garlic tincture is recommended to take twice a day during meals.

Other recipes. Decoctions and infusions of the plants mentioned in another handwriting:

  • lesser periwinkle
  • medicine, asparagus etc ..
  • common plants
  • lungwort
  • Ulybka double tuber
  • banana bolshogo
  • thyme

How to increase power without medicine etc ..

  1. Foot massage. Use gravel or grass and walking barefoot more cheap custom Ankara. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture came to the point to enable us feet lies a special point about the sex organs. If not possible, you can use mustard like hiking outdoors. Apply them for 10 minutes in feet, feet in cold water and a towel after washing the soil. This procedure has a positive effect on pelvic blood circulation.
  2. Douches. Soul feed intake during the alternate cold water and hot water. This simple technique in the absence of contraindications, sounds great, and the immune system is capable of, when used regularly, increase the power. Contrast with fusion procedures, there is a similar option in the bathroom.
  3. Ice wrapped in a napkin with the aim to feed different parts of the body exercise blood vessels – this old method is no longer a very recent communication with the ability to exercise similar effects on the body by using a contrast spirit.
  4. Using penis vacuum pump-pump. Clear plastic or glass bottle that attaches to the penis, after which the air is pumped out. Fast fill low pressure in the bulb and Corpus cavernos a large amount of blood vessels why is my penis. As soon as you have an electric pump sales mechanical pump and electronically controlled, and simple and inexpensive process. What is considered using such a device it is possible to train the blood vessels supplying the penis, is the possibility of injury but a big "awesome".
  5. Give up bad habits. To pay attention to alcoholic beverages that are used to limit the tracking number at the same time quality. Remember, some people, especially male and female hormones that contribute to the production of beer. Release the cigarette. Vasoconstriction contributes to nicotine, that causes the pathology many organs – including crushes, sexual function.

How to increase the power of the Oriental way

  1. Ejaculation method is a deterrent. One of the basic principles of this the Tao of love, the imported flour in the 80s last century. Meaning, every action must end with orgasm and ejaculation the ancient sexual teachings of this provision about the "accumulation" thoughtless TRT male power against her. It is considered, especially for mature men age 50 and over rule this. Should be preferred, more long-term and high-quality sexual intercourse.
  2. Another method of the same teachings. Recommended stocking up on during urination and breathing calmly to rise at the same time filtering the hip. The old sages, such an approach increases libido, sexual stamina and erectile function normalizes.
  3. Is yoga. Good for the normalization of erectile function "reverse" posture: birds and Salamba Sarvangasana (in appearance a well-known school from "birches"). Reverse blood flow, improves blood circulation pelvic organs, as well as encouragement and genital rejuvenation.

How to improve an erection during sexual intercourse and

Strengthen erection during sexual intercourse, the penis blood to have a correct attitude by choosing the pointless output. For this, the necessary practical positions, in which upright near the body, for example: partner the rear, or from above (a classic "missionary" posture).

Finally, the final rule:

Use rest

More rest, complete rest can work wonders. You probably Awakens sexual desire one time on holiday I feel like I've had on the coast, warm sea, a house in the distance concerns and appropriate? How not to raise the question about power and who have already stopped and nice to spend time with...

Try to accumulate yourself in a bad negative day-to-day situations. To refresh, a brain and a positive charge nature hikes throughout the course, favorite hobby, watching a good movie, Game, pets.

Vex, because they are in conflict, in the end, the destructive act, in the first place, this is your soul. Note: will not a man of strong nerves.

The techniques in the article listed that will help to restore power in just a few weeks, if not pathologies. In more complex cases, you need to go to the doctor for help.