Power - upgrade at home fast how to and methods

a man who holds dumbbell

Even in our century technology and progress and its good busy no time for many men to maintain their health level. Nutritional problems, stress and a bad environment, not good power for your best friends. There will be situations when the long-awaited intimacy suddenly visible - usually the first time to prepare. Such a situation requires effective and fastest ways to upgrade a minimum time to a maximum height of libido and erection quality.

How can strengthen male libido

What you need to understand the possibility of extinction with fatigue, sexual hero - in this case, stress. Prepare, and if you have time, worth sleep. The problem is that many people who prevents the wrong person, but only 8-9 hours of normal sleep makes everything better. The main thing - do not overdo it: more than 9 hours of sleep will give a reverse effect.

Stress is a terrible evening. This weak and timid to do more antidepressants and a sedative drug. To drink normal tea to cope with stress the value Yesil - maybe add chamomile, bergamot, and peppermint. Vitamin C also which helps with nervous tension, – A-does not let go of stress and two pills.

Before sex is recommended:

  • Take a contrast shower;
  • Easy to do charge;
  • To do a warm-up and stretching.

All this configures the body, physical activity and accelerates blood circulation.

Before sexual intercourse, shared will sound a sharp jolt of coffee. Caffeine - this powerful central nervous system stimulant, therefore, strong hot coffee and this work couldn't be better. Do not forget about, and plenty of strong tea, lemon, and bitter chocolate. All these spectacular products may work as a benefit to you, clear your brain and give you joy. In this case, the alcohol can make it worse.

How to promote male potency folk remedies

Go back and natural items. For starters, consider the nearest pharmacy to buy this or on the market, and then quickly brew and drink:

  • Ginseng – this plant is a world renowned spectacular. Ginseng roots that are used for all the diseases. Ginseng has been used from America to China and everywhere valid. Ginseng increases the resistance of the organism to the effect of strong stimulation, and general resistance, a very powerful and natural aphrodisiac.
  • Golden root (rhodiola rosea) – there are almost the same effect, ginseng, but grown in Russia that value him significantly more cheap.
  • Epimedium (Orgasm) - a man is a stimulant of the Chinese people's Medical moment. Develops central nervous system stimulation and blood circulation in small pelvis. Extends a powerful aphrodisiac and an Inupiaq, sex, returns, durability and strength. Increases in regular use, size, member.

You can use different drugs. Most importantly, to understand what's in the body of which respond best to chemical compounds, only natural remedies and get better. Natural remedies they have no side effects, and they are more easily moved. Most importantly, this deficiency intolerance components. According to the article offered us some drugs.

At home how to increase male potency – beekeeping products

Here we are and we've come the most delicious part of this article to increase the potency of the product. Honey - all of us! Eating honey every day improves the general condition of sex happens, as is becoming longer and more frequent.

To improve erection beekeeping products:

  • Honey and nuts – 2 tablespoons of honey and sufficient food for an hour before sexual intercourse, with the addition of 3 walnuts. And go to sexual exploits. These substances have a strong body to promote, improve power, strength;
  • Perge – contains a large amount of protein and trace elements, is a powerful aphrodisiac and works that power;
  • Royal jelly, fatigue and stress, gives courage and strong erection;
  • Drone homogenate (drone milk) gives a more powerful tone and great vitality, and longer lasting erections.

This small but very effective kit you can buy gentleman almost everywhere and cheap. Honey products, along with herbal teas to give a comprehensive effect.

A quick way to raise libido exercise

We aim to power many exercise to improve blood circulation in the pelvis. To improve the potency of this basic exercise:

  • Squats – improved blood circulation, small vessels, and the inguinal artery in the pelvis are given the sound.
  • These two exercises Kegel exercise, stimulant, sexual function in men. The most powerful of them all exercises for the lasting impact and power. Tight the testicles the pubis, then slow down and calm. Tube to tighten the muscles of the perineum into the anus and then back. Men sexual stimulation the main base for these exercises to function. To perform 100-200 times every day. Kegel exercises strengthen the sexual organs and increases in size.

Prevention with the potential for a problem

As such, seemingly ordinary, but a healthy lifestyle really works. A walk regularly in the open air, alternative exercise will support you with continuous tones, in long years. All sorts of activities, which you can make, whether walking or swimming, jogging, vitality, tidal forces and many many other to help you get started without warning.

A good prevention sexual dysfunctions include:

  1. Regular sexual life;
  2. Proper nutrition;
  3. Reset excess weight;
  4. Alcohol and cigarettes;
  5. Consult your doctor for regular checks.

Compliance data will give you the sexual power and improve your life suggestions old age.