The power in the House rise fast

Loss of erectile function, often the basic problem that older men experiencing stress as well as sedentary lifestyle. A word to US advertising publications, nor the power to raise a drug a tablet, talented .. etc, yes, it is, but that can't be saved and energy pill without sexual chemistry? Definitely, yes! The more we talk about this.

Wins why male sexual impotence?

And really, why do some men to be sexually active even in adulthood and the other issues already 30-35 years old?

All the problems these characters together is divided into 2 classification:

  1. Physiologic.
  2. It's psychological.

There are several factors that may have psychological problems. For example, a man lives in constant depression, maybe the problem is common.

A stress man

Here, maybe actually a number of issues related to the individual characteristics human.

Support the Women important in this case, this is definitely that will contribute in an effective manner can be treated.

Options in terms of the mass may be physiological. Problems with insufficient blood circulation from the cardiovascular system.

Today, the most common problem, hormone deficiency, in this case, the visible male, overweight, maybe depression, plus the erection decreases.

In this case, it is best to consult a specialist, another issue may be delayed.

However, you have to have to visit a doctor for any desire out the problem yourself at home.

How to save power? Changing lifestyle!

Yeah, maybe if you think you have to change your lifestyle very difficult, yes, I want a lot, but still if you want to keep, if you want to save your marriage, your man is ultimately the power to maintain health, then they will be forced to reconsider their lifestyle.


Itself, food, fastfood, constantly eating, beer, you fill your body fat is harmful, then on the highway in a sexual situation.

You should review the diet to increase the intake of simple carbohydrates that are beneficial to reduce the amount of fat and protein for food, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, fish oil.

A strong man with a happy woman

This helps restore erectile function.


A long dream, leave their bad habits, persistent surveillance, the weight of walking, running – all health and it would increase as your sex life.


For the solution in question is very important for health and this also is a problem.

A gym may be recommended for many men, fortunately, this is very expensive, does not take a lot of time and use, this is too much.

For example, squats to develop and improve normal blood circulation in the pelvic region, power range and a workout at the gym or a fitness centre.

Can I use pills and other drugs?

To return a normal sexual life, you need a regular sex. The power of a small level and how to do this?

A pill that can be consumed for this purpose, but their constant use is contraindicated, for example, to take some drugs after 30 days take a break.

They needed to try sex without a pill only in the early stages and then try them without.

Which recovery options in the power house?

Pills, tablets and the uplifting power has not been canceled, as quickly as possible to get him from the House?

There are a few options:

  1. Bath;
  2. Exercise;
  3. Turkish folk medicine;
  4. Prostate massage.

Bathtubs and showers, perfect for a relaxing contrast to the drug ".. etc", has been proven to be scientists, the great potency affects.

Potency for showers

Continuous water change, hot and cold. A bath together with a bay leaf – helps to strengthen potency.

In the meantime, think about this, is quite suitable Bath – this beautiful folk the way as much as possible, you don't need other ways to increase the power to a large extent.

Many ancient sailors they're all gone again before you go to Bath and sat for hours very helpful when entering or steamy sexual power to protect them under the conditions of long-term trekking and no sex life.

The men's extremely rare today to visit Bath, but in vain those perfect pictures all the toxins from the body, improves blood circulation, input, a steam room, warm up and make yourself perfect.

However, the place to take a bath because it's not worth this pulse, heart, two, three, once a week is sufficient.


Perhaps, in the most effective way an uplifting force. You may not need it let's the most popular for exercise, gym and them busy at home.

  • When running. Ideally do the treadmill but without it there, just change alternately, in the ground. A minimum of 5 minutes for this exercise.
  • On the pelvic region. On the floor, alternately raise and dip in the pelvis, again the number should be more 20.
  • It's a big step. On the floor, a hand-correction, is owned by paul, then alternative steps and cross your legs and put. Developed specifically for foot cliffs that make.


Many configured quite skeptical to this point, but in vain. For example, every day for 30 days, drinking ginseng power drops back to the old level.

Tincture must get a calculation of how many days, many drops. 1 day – drop-10. day – 10 drops. The main break – tincture within a month of drinking, is very harmful to the body.


As is well known, levels the testes produce the male hormone, testosterone as a male, gender, symptoms, such as facial hair, muscles and a good erection.

Regular massage testicles 100% in vehicle, low libido.

A hot shower, massage then go ahead: pull your scrotum with one hand, testicular displacement to another screen slightly circular movements.

The result is close, fast, and secure business necessarily result in a couple of weeks already.

There are many ways of the rapid developments in the potency?

Of course, who wants to spend weeks, months, years, return to a normal sex life?

I really wanna increase the power a record time, for example, a day or a few days.

This, for example, if you really want to run any pharmacies and pills when you make your appointment today to try, then a number of valuable recipes.


Nuts, sour cream, herbs, seafood (the best calamari Rapa or not. Sweet – honey (again with the nuts). The need to wash real, ground coffee.

Especially helpful, hard-boiled egg. Such a diet has a positive effect that will contribute to guaranteed.

  1. ROOTS, CALAMUS. You need to use 3 times a day. 20-30 grams calamus root chop, pour boiling water, sheep, night and drink slowly, preferably 30 minutes before meals. You will need 1 cup of water 1 day only.
  2. Calamus root
  3. ROOTS, CALAMUS FRAY. For example, pour 20 grams and 200 milliliters of vodka or alcohol you need to root the grind. Tincture to withstand two weeks in a dark place, shaking him once for three or four days. Then filter the tincture. To get for 25 days, three times a day half an hour before meals, adding 30 drops tincture 100 – 150 milliliters boiling, but cold water.
  4. BATH AND SHOWER. The first appointment contrast shower, ideal – bath. This will increase the flow of blood and, as a result, the power.

Of course, this power is unlikely to succeed in the long term, way back, from this perspective constantly massage and exercise to your needs.

However, as practice shows, many such procedures already coming male potency active status for a few days, so hanging them completely as a quick way to characterize potency.

Ah, if this does not work, then you must:

  • Appeal to a competent doctor, a urologist, andrologist or;
  • To start doing exercises, massage and permanent.


Now, one thing I know for sure a quick way to make power is to raise.

Of course, it is best to consult a doctor and thorough examination, however, to fix a possible problem with such methods.

Important result:

  • an active lifestyle;
  • listen parter psychologically and psychologically ready;
  • not to eat only useful products;
  • take a bath regularly or at least take a contrast shower;
  • most importantly, regularity: regular exercise, massage, exercise, diet.

All of this power increase and we will get back to you your man's unique health and life expectancy.