A few tips on how to increase potency

A man thinks how to safely increase potency

The ability to get an erection in men reaches a maximum at about the age of 20, after which it begins to gradually decrease. Here are some tips for those facing the problem of reducing potency.

Causes of potency disorders

Before taking any action, you must determine the cause of the potency disorder if dysfunction is observed. It is best in this case to contact a specialist who will diagnose and determine the cause of the disease.

Potency disorders can be conditionally divided into two groups - organic and psychological. The first group includes forms of pathology caused by organic changes in the genitals, ie age-related changes, injuries or malignant tumors. The second, more common group includes forms of pathology that develop against the background of stress, neurosis, neurasthenia or other psychological abnormalities.

In the absence of pathology, it is possible to prolong an erection or stimulate libido without the intervention of a doctor and medication. Interestingly, most of the ways to increase potency are quite affordable for every man and require little or no effort or special training. However, most do not dare to apply "little tricks" in life.


Aphrodisiacs have been widely used to stimulate libido and sexual activity since the distant past. Traditional aphrodisiacs are herbal or animal products with unique properties. For example, aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, oysters and mussels are common in France, and ginseng, durian and ginger in China. However, many common foods are aphrodisiacs, including carrots, eggs, honey, nuts, celery, dill and even pollen.

But the most important thing is not "what to eat", but "how" and "how much" so as not to overdo it and spoil the evening. The best option is to prepare a light, tasty dish with the help of aphrodisiacs. But you shouldit is remembered that most aphrodisiacs are allergens and therefore the possibility of allergies should be taken into account when choosing products.

Aromas, music and romantic atmosphere

Well, the crooked squeaky bed, the cacophony of the apartment next door, and the smells of sewage have never contributed to increased sexual activity. However, many men underestimate the role of these factors, believing that comfort, light scents and unobtrusive music do not contribute to potency. This opinion is wrong, and if you want to increase sexual activity, as well as discover new aspects, the man should pay attention to creating a romantic atmosphere. It is created individually, according to the tastes and preferences of the partners. However, there are general rules, which include the presence of clean bed linen, serviceability of bathrooms, warmth and comfort, complete peace of mind and the absence of third parties. The "accessories" of a romantic setting include candles, flowers, velvet hearts, rose petals on the bed or in the bathroom and even Chinese lanterns. The main thing is to be imaginative and save effort in preparation.

Fragrances, which should be light, fresh and unobtrusive, are another great sexual enhancement. You can use scented candles, lamps, place fruits or flowers.

For a romantic evening, only music that evokes nothing but "love in the heart" is especially appropriate. It should not be disturbing. The music should be muffled, as if from afar, so that the partners do not have to shout over the song or be distracted.

Spirits and female charms

It is no coincidence that men go to "conquer the fortress", the heart of their beloved, with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate in hand. Mild alcohol intoxication contributes to general relaxation and stimulation of sexual desire. the evening can be irreversibly spoiled. It is advisable to drink wine or light spirits, of course, in small quantities.

Perfectly stimulate a man's sexual activity "female charms", which include evening dress, beautiful lingerie, hairstyle and manicure of a partner. Of course, you should not openly tell your loved one "put this on, make up that". Rather, invite a partner to a beauty salon, give a dress and lingerie, once you know the size. .

Medicines and food supplements

Unfortunately, most want to get "everything at once. " As a result, in the event of a potency disorder or erectile dysfunction, men run to the nearest pharmacy to buy wonderful "pills" to increase sexual activity. You should not think that drugs will solve the problem without "rewarding" the side effects.

As a rule, improper use of drugs designed to increase potency leads to allergies, cardiac ischemia, heart attack or stroke.

Nutritional supplements (biologically active supplements) are no less dangerous than traditional remedies. Manufacturers advertise supplements by focusing on the natural ingredients that make up the product. However, supplements can cause allergies, dyspepsia (diarrhea, flatulence) and even poisoning. As a result, wanting to increase sexual activity, a reckless man can cover himself with stains or spend the evening in the closet.

Risk factors

To prevent "problems" with potency and return to previous activity, it is recommended to follow a few rules:

  • Do not smoke, limit yourself to alcohol and minimize the consumption of fatty, high-calorie foods and do not eat fast food.
  • Less nervous, avoid stress.
  • training.
  • To relax muscles, relieve stress, go for a massage, take aromatic baths.
  • Have sex regularly.
  • If you suffer from obesity, osteochondrosis or prostatitis - do not delay treatment.
  • Leave work at work and love at home!
  • Adherence to these recommendations will certainly lead to increased sexual activity and improved health.