Men also have a G-spot, where is it?

intimacy and the G-spot in men

Every man has heard of a woman's magical G-spot. The point that can deliver unearthly pleasure. Does this apply to men themselves? No options. The stronger sex have the same opinion. Every woman who wants to give her partner maximum pleasure should know about it. The G-spot is an erogenous zone, gentle actions that lead the partner to indescribable pleasure.

How to find this point

Unfortunately, not all women have an idea of where the G-spot is in men.

And here's an unexpected fact - most men find the location of this point on their own after the inflammation of the prostate occurs, and go to the doctor.

Prostate massage is one of the methods of treatment and it is during this procedure that men realize how much pleasure they have been deprived of for a long time and how they can diversify their sex life.

If a man does not have such a disease, but is very informed in this area, then he will experience unearthly pleasure thanks to his partner, if he allows her to find this magical place with his fingers tied.

The G-spot in men is in the rectum, just below the bladder, where it envelops the upper part of the urethra. To reach it, you need to place your fingers no more than five cm. With your finger it is easy to feel a small tubercle on the front wall of the intestine. Finding it is not difficult at all, it only takes a little time, practice and, of course, the permission of the partner.

How to find the right million dollar point from a loved one

After placing a finger in the rectum, you should carefully examine the entire cavity. It is similar in shape and size to a chestnut or walnut, but this should not be confusing. The huge number of nerve rays are located through the prostate gland, which go to the penis itself.

The connection between the prostate and the penis is quite clear, so you should not be surprised if a man reaches the peak of pleasure without touching his penis.

The role of the G-spot during male orgasm

The man's orgasm is divided into 2 stages:

  • issue
  • ejaculation

For young men, they are very divisive, but over the years it is much harder to distinguish between them. The sensation of orgasm becomes longer and longer over time.

In the first stage, the sperm are released into the vas deferens. There they mix with the secretion of the prostate and the semen that is produced in the testicles. Everything collects and turns into semen.

At the moment of the strongest sexual tension orgasm occurs. If the sensation of an approaching peak of pleasure lasts longer, it means that more sperm accumulate in the seminal duct.

During the second stage, ejaculation occurs from the penis.

Unreal sensations

G-spot massage can help your partner get an unearthly feeling and strengthen the relationship. Knowing that the G-spot in men is located in the rectum, a woman can offer her lover a very interesting experiment - you can try to convince a man to use a special toy for adults.

Proper use and engagement of the G-spot will send a person into a transcendental world.

Preparation for stimulation

If a couple is willing to try to stimulate the covenant point, they need to properly conduct a little preparation to get only positive and pleasant emotions and feelings. The main thing is the mutual desire to try something new and unknown.

Here are the basic rules for preparation:

  • first of all, there must be absolute trust between the partners. If this does not happen, then the man will simply not be able to relax and enjoy the process. The sphincter muscles will be compressed, leading to discomfort. The man must feel confident in his desires;
  • the woman should be careful with her hands, soft and unhurried movements forward. The lack of long nails is very important as it can lead to mucosal injury, which in turn is fraught with infections and inflammation;
  • mandatory observance of hygiene rules. Before starting the act, the woman should wash her hands thoroughly or use medical gloves. Under no circumstances should you start stroking without using a special intimate lubricant. After the process, you should not touch the female and male genitals, because the microorganisms will remain in the hands to one degree or another, which can lead to inflammation;
  • before inserting your fingers into the anus, it is best to give the man an erotic massage that will completely relax him and then the sensations of G-spot stimulation will be much brighter. This massage should be performed in the following sequence: head massage - back - abdomen - buttocks. And only then can you move on to the covenant point. But the movements must be sliding and gentle;
  • during this, the partner should lie in a comfortable position. The best position would be - the man is on his back and the woman is between her legs. Little by little you can dip your finger in the rectum. Slowly find the same lump and hold. This is necessary so that the partner can get used to it. After a while, when the man is already able to control himself, you can continue to stimulate the point;
  • you do not need to press hard, you need to do it rhythmically and carefully until it is covered by a powerful orgasm. Observe your partner's reactions. During the search for the G-spot you can also stimulate a man orally.

How to stimulate the G-spot

The man's G-spot can be stimulated by only two methods - external and internal.

  1. You must first do external stimulation. This is characterized by pressure and light pressure on the erogenous zone located between the anus and scrotum. This is best done with the thumb and forefinger. Before that you need to lightly rub this area, but without much force. At the moment of arousal, this point acquires a special sensitivity, so that excessive pressure can prevent orgasm. Everything should be smooth, neat and gentle. And you should always monitor your partner's reaction. If he doesn't like something, he should stop it immediately. The man himself can help his partner by suggesting to her what movements give him the most pleasant sensations.
  2. The second way of stimulation is internal. It is this method that gives a man the brightest and most pleasant sensations. But most men refuse this, thinking that their partner may suspect gay.

But those who try this method discover a new world of unforgettable and unique sensations, especially if the beloved woman does it.

The tender fingers of the beloved help not only to relax the man, but also to take their relationship to a new level - complete trust.

Men should not be afraid, much less give up such experiences. There is nothing shameful about that. This is a natural desire for maximum pleasure. And a woman will only be happy to give her beloved man such sensations that he has never experienced before.

You need to allow yourself to discover new sensations of sexual pleasures and dissolve into unforgettable orgasms.

G-spot stimulation in a man through the anus