How to quickly increase potency at home

The functioning of the male genitourinary system depends on lifestyle, diet and physical activity. Smoking, abuse of comfortable foods and alcohol, tight clothing and underwear disrupt blood circulation in the penis and prostate. A man who spends 8-10 hours in a sitting position has erectile dysfunction. Diet, pelvic floor exercises and folk recipes help increase potency and restore libido.

the man is pleased with the increased potency

Vitamins and male strength

Vegetarians and fast food lovers are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction. The first category of men voluntarily deprives themselves of proteins and amino acids, which are contained only in seafood and meat. In the second group, due to the regular use of sausages, semi-finished products and smoked meats, cholesterol levels rise. Harmful fats are deposited on the walls of blood vessels, impairing blood circulation. The genitourinary system is the first to suffer.

Potency will increase if a person receives daily:

  1. Vitamin A.Beta-carotene is responsible for reproductive function, vascular elasticity and prostate health. Lots of vitamin in pumpkin and fresh carrots, cod liver and chicken yolks. For better absorption of retinol, the vegetables are drizzled with vegetable oil or sour cream.
  2. Vitamin C.Ascorbic acid not only maintains immunity, but also provides blood flow to the genitals and a lasting erection. The component increases the absorption of minerals and amino acids, enhances sexual desire. The body receives ascorbic acid from fresh raisins, viburnum, citrus fruits, spinach, peppers, herbs and rosehip decoction.
  3. Vitamin D.Calciferol is involved in the production of sperm and male hormones responsible for arousal. Potency will increase dairy dishes, chicken and quail eggs, as well as fish oil.
  4. Selenium.The mineral reduces inflammation in the prostate, is responsible for reproductive function. The component is combined with vitamin E to increase its absorption. A person with weakened potency should eat sprouted wheat, oysters and mushrooms, sea fish and oil, Brazilian nuts, oysters and shrimp.
  5. Zinc.The element is responsible for the production of testosterone, increases libido, protects against inflammation of the prostate and sexual impotence. Zinc enters the body along with beef and pork liver, pumpkin seeds, cereals, seafood, hard cheese and poultry.

Erection problems arise from chronic stress. For men who are constantly nervous, foods containing magnesium are recommended. These include green beans, legumes, canned peas and corn, raspberries, blackberries, dried apricots and grapefruits. There are many minerals in bananas, shrimp, cod and liver fillets, in sea bass and herring. Magnesium increases resistance to stress, normalizes heart function, tones blood vessels and provides blood flow to the genitals.

In low potency, men are recommended to drink a cup of natural coffee and eat 4-5 pieces of dark chocolate, in which over 65% of cocoa beans. Foods are rich in caffeine and minerals that stimulate blood circulation and have a positive effect on sexual activity. Coffee and chocolate are contraindicated in heart disease, hypertension and prostate adenoma.

Celery root invigorates and cures erection problems. The product is stewed and baked, added to stews and soups, but it is better to prepare fresh juice from it. Celery stalks are cut together with apples, carrots or cabbage. The plant prevents prostatitis, enhances libido and erection.


The blood circulation in the pelvic organs is disturbed due to the sedentary lifestyle. Potency is restored through exercises designed to train the pubococcygeal muscles. It is responsible for the permanent erection and endurance.

gymnastics to increase potency

Gymnastics is performed in the evening to stretch the pelvic organs after sedentary work. They are engaged in a warm room, avoiding hypothermia of muscles and blood vessels.

Charging begins by rotating the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise. One kneads the waist, warms the internal organs and muscles. The next exercise is to lift the legs, bent at the knees, from an upright position. The big toe extends downward. The knee joint tries to touch the abdomen or chest. You can wrap your arms around your calves and pull your legs up. There should be a slight feeling of pulling in the thigh.

The pubococcygeal muscle develops through the exercise "Bicycle". A man lying on his back, actively turns invisible pedals for 1, 5-2 minutes. He then squats, bending his knees in half and squeezing his glutes.

Potency is increased by imitation of sexual intercourse. The patient occupies a horizontal position. With his hands outstretched on his body, he rests on the floor. The toes and heels are pressed to the floor, as are the shoulders. The man lifts his tailbone from the ground and lifts it up, then lowers it. Gradually the movements accelerate.

The pelvic rotations and the "Bike" warm the body. After a short warm-up, the man squats with his feet hip-width apart and puts his hands on his knees. The body leans forward slightly and the chin presses against the chest. testicles Once you feel it, you need to strain this area for 30-60 seconds. The duration increases with each lesson. Relaxation is smooth and slow.

The man does the second exercise when no one is home. The patient takes off his pants and underwear, squats and tries to retract the scrotum. Gymnastics is performed without clothes, so it is more convenient to monitor the movements of the testicles.

The buttocks should not be strained when performing the first and second exercises. Only the pubic-coccygeal muscle works.

Men who want to maintain their libido and strength until old age are advised to run in the morning, swim and skate. It is useful for office workers to get up from a chair every 1, 5-2 hours and take a short walk or warm up to improve blood circulation.

On the bus, on the way home, one can imagine that a heavy stone is hanging on his scrotum, which he has to hold. Stand while doing the exercise.

Herbs for potency

Sexual impotence is treated with a decoction of nettle. Pour boiling water over the fresh twigs, chop finely and mix with chopped parsley and a boiled egg. Season the salad with olive oil, add a little garlic and flaxseed. Eat for dinner or before a meeting. The ingredients of breakfast stimulate blood circulation in the penis, increase sexual desire and provide a full erection.

herbs to increase potency

Efficiency problems are eliminated by red wine. A glass of grape drink is mixed with 1 tbsp. l. crushed nettle seeds and 30 ml of liquid honey. Alcohol is taken 2 hours before bedtime. The course of treatment lasts no more than 14 days, so that the wine does not lead to addiction.

Calendula root invigorates and cures sexual dysfunction. A person chews 10-20 g of fresh product three times a day. Patients who do not like the taste of the plant, prepare an alcoholic tincture of the root. Pour 50 g of grated kalam into a wine bottle and add 300 ml of high quality vodka. Filter after 14 days. Drink 30 drops of calendula daily for 2, 5 months.

Ordinary black or green tea can increase potency, but you should add a pinch of herbs to it:

  • thyme;
  • saffron;
  • cloves;
  • lemon grass;
  • Dubrovnik

Mint is contraindicated. It relaxes and dulls the nerve endings, causes drowsiness. With regular use of the herb, the sensitivity of the penis decreases, libido decreases.

Potency will be restored if a man drinks a decoction of hop cones three times a day. The dried raw materials are ground in a mortar. A fresh drink of 1 tablespoon of herbal powder and a glass of boiling water is prepared daily. Bring the broth to a boil in a water bath and simmer for 5 minutes. The finished drug is divided into 3 portions of 90-100 ml.

Hawthorn berries can restore an erection in 2 days. In a saucepan mix 150 g of raw materials with 1 liter of water, boil in a water bath for 10 minutes. Drink 500 ml of the healing broth per day, and the daily norm is divided into 4-5 portions.

One of the most powerful strength stimulants is ginseng root. The plant is recommended for men with a healthy heart and normal blood pressure. In tachycardia, hypertension, arrhythmias and valve insufficiency you can not take ginseng tincture.

The drug consists of 1 tsp chopped root and 350 g of honey. The products are transferred to a jar, mixed and hidden under the sofa. Remove after 10 days. Accepted according to the scheme: the first day - 1 drop, the second - 2 and beyond. Bring to 28 and then reduce the dose in the same way as the increase.

Home stimulants

With low potency, you don't need to take pills or buy advertised sprays. Herbs and natural products are just as effective against sexual dysfunction as drugstore drugs.

a woman in bed with a man who has increased potency

The white wine cocktail has tonic properties:

  • Heat 1 liter of alcohol in a water bath to 50 degrees.
  • Add a pinch of cardamom, 2-3 cloves and 10 g of cinnamon powder.
  • Add 30 ml of alcohol and 60 g of honey.

Remove the white wine from the heat, pour 1 cup of orange or grapefruit juice into the drink. Season with 100 ml of freshly squeezed lemon.

The pot with the alcoholic cocktail is placed in the refrigerator for 3 days. The filtered medicine is stored in a bottle with a tight stopper. Take 100-150 ml of spiced wine 30 minutes before intercourse. The erection lasts several hours thanks to the cocktail.

If sexual dysfunction is due to stress, inflammation of the prostate or reduced immunity, a mixture of walnuts and pine nuts is recommended. Mix 250 g of products, grind and fill with a glass of honey. Pour into the table 100 ml of freshly squeezed aloe juice. Eat 50 g of the drug every day after each meal. The potency will be restored in a month.

10 hours before sexual intercourse a man is recommended to consume 50 g of carrot and turnip salad. Mix 30 g of cooked root vegetables with 15 g of raw orange component. The mass is filled with 10 ml of honey.

Additional methods

Contrast baths improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The buttocks and groin are immersed in hot or cold water. You can take a contrast shower, apply mustard plaster on your heels for 10-15 minutes before going to bed.

Baths with bay leaves, coniferous branches and chamomile inflorescences restore masculine strength. The herbs alternate but do not mix. The procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes.

Potency worsens due to overweight, smoking and alcoholism, inflammation of the prostate, hypothyroidism and diabetes. The man will maintain an erection if he visits a doctor regularly, monitors body weight and nutrition. To increase libido, you need to give up alcohol and cigarettes, include in your diet foods rich in vitamins, and herbal decoctions to stimulate potency.