Always ready: products that increase potency in men

A man's daily diet should always contain foods that contain the necessary minimum of vitamins and nutrients. Products that increase potency in men are equally important for health, reproductive function and a full sex life.

The list of essential vitamins for men includes:

  • seleniumhas a beneficial effect on potency, promotes the synthesis of testosterone in the body, normalizes the functioning of the genitals;
  • vitamin Cincreases immunity and improves the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors, has a beneficial effect on male reproductive function;
  • vitamin E.necessary for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system, improving sperm quality;
  • zincimportant for the production of testosterone, a deficiency of which increases the risk of male infertility;
  • L-carnitinestimulates sperm production;
  • iodineimproves thyroid production.
Red meat in a man's diet

Many potency problems can be related to a lack of vitamins in the body or insufficient intake through food. Doctors advise you to review your daily diet, excluding from it harmful foods that can adversely affect the potency and functioning of the reproductive system (fast food, baking soda, semi-finished products with trans fats, etc. ), pay attention to foods thatincrease potency.


Oysters are natural aphrodisiacs that have a beneficial effect on male potency due to their high content of organic zinc. Furthermore,These shells contain amino acids that promote testosterone production and increase sperm count.

Experts believe that oysters are also useful for potency because they contain dopamine, which "activates" libido. The concentration of nutrients in oysters increases in the spring, so it is recommended to use them this season of the year. It is also important to remember that they can only be eaten raw.

Despite their beneficial properties, oysters are not suitable for everyday use: the fact is that they contain mercury, which, if accumulated in the body, can lead to the development of some serious diseases.


Turnips occupy a special place among the products that increase potency.The substances and trace elements contained in this vegetable help to stimulate testosterone synthesis.This vegetable can be eaten chopped, mixed with other foods. Turnips go especially well with cooked vegetables and meat.

To make turnips more likely to be included in the list of products from the daily diet, it can be taken in the form of a healthy drink. To prepare it, it is recommended to boil the radish in cow's milk, grate it on a fine grater and then mix well with the liquid mass that remains after cooking. To improve the taste of a product that improves male potency, you can add 100 g of honey there. Such a product is very useful for health. It can be taken in small amounts of 50 g 3-5 times a day.

Oysters, turnips and meat - products that increase potency


Meat products should become an integral part of every man's diet, which is why doctors so often oppose vegetarianism.Meat is a high-energy food, without which the natural processes of thyroxine production in the male body will slow down.

Thyroxine is a hormone that is important for enhancing oxidative reactions in cells. According to experts, thyroxine is responsible for the hormonal excitability of the nerve centers.

The man's diet should always contain red lean meat from beef, lamb, horse meat. Also products that are useful for potency are considered turkey, chicken, rabbit meat. It is best to use stewed and cooked meat products combined with vegetables and potatoes.


In the first place it is recommended to eat fish and seafood, as they restore sexual function, supply the body with phosphorus and iodine. Steamed fish dishes can be considered indispensable and the best products for potency. Marine fish contain more nutrients than river fish, so it is better to give preference to the former.

Doctors advise men to eat fish and seafood at least 2-3 times a week. This will help maintain sexual activity and a positive sense of well-being.

Fish and dates to increase male potency


If a man likes dried fruits, you should pay attention to dates, which in combination with almonds will help increase potency and make sex life more active. Some experts believe that daily consumption of dates can improve the quality and number of sperm.

Such potency products in men often raise doubts: dates have a specific taste, are not very satisfactory and require thorough rinsing before consumption. But in fact you can make a delicious dessert from them for every day: the dates are cut into rings, mixed with chopped almonds and then wrapped in coconut plates. One such dessert will be enough to improve potency and improve the quality of sexual life.